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Pre-Planning Counseling  
Through Pre-Planning with a funeral director from
Buswell Funeral Homes, you provide a gift to your
family.  You remove both the information-finding
burden and financial problems they may face
following your death. You convey your wishes,
sparing them frustration and disharmony.   Pre-
Planning is a thoughtful and loving task.  It carries
with it the advantage of payment at today’s prices,
avoiding increasing costs.  By Clicking
Here, you
can locate Pre-Planning forms useful when meeting
with the funeral director for your Pre-Planning
counseling session.
The Buswell Difference
Buswell Funeral Home has been in business for
over 60 years, and the family has passed the same
quality, caring service from generation to
generation. Over the years we have been able to
assist thousands of families through the very
emotional time following the death of their loved
one.  At Buswell Funeral Homes, our caring staff
and beautiful, peaceful home provide a setting that
families can visit and find peace.
Options for Funeral Planning
Traditional/Full Service Funeral
Since the beginning of recorded history, people have
publicly viewed their dead with dignity and ceremony.  
Although rituals differ, the funeral service meets the
needs of the living, as well as providing for the

The funeral declares that death has occurred and it
offers a testimonial to a life well lived.  Denial of a
death is common.  The occasion of a funeral and the
viewing of the body (or casket) facilitates the
realization of death.  It is of deep psychological
significance and healing to the living.  Sorrow shared is
sorrow diminished.  This is the first step toward
emotional adjustment after bereavement.

If you choose a traditional service you can be buried in
the ground in a traditional grave or entombed in an
above-ground mausoleum (where available).
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